Why Python?

Many seasoned data reporters have spent years mastering tools like Excel, Access or Refine to clean and analyze data. Allow us to explain why Python can replace all of those tools and make your work faster, easier and better. »

Introduction to the Tools

Every new discipline has tools that you need to be familiar with to get started. Those tools in Python are Anaconda and IPython Notebooks. This section introduces you to those tools. »

Pandas, The First Look

Pandas, Python's data analysis library, is where you're going to spend most of your time manipulating and interrogating data. This section introduces to its core concepts and shows you have to do some of the things you're probably already familiar with in spreadsheets. »

Pandas, Digging Deeper

Now that you've got your feet wet with Pandas, it's time to dig into some of the features that you can't do with spreadsheets. This section shows you how to clean-up, transform, and ask hard questions of data. »

Visualization: Showing Your Work

So far we've dealt with raw data and output it mostly in tabular form. Visualizations provide an entirely new understanding of the data, one that might not be obvious from plain tables. This section introduces you to matplotlib and bokeh, two of the tools that let you turn you data into plots and charts.